4 Skills That Improve Yourself 3 times Faster

Monday, May 1, 2017 , Skills

Who doesn’t get disheartened when they feel that they are not progressing as they wished to be. Fortunately, there 4 skills that will help you to grow and move forward.  It is not only in workplace, but also in every important sphere of life, whether it is in school, in capturing new skill, the self-improvement techniques will help you grow rapidly.

Turn yourself a better learner with these 4 skills.

  1. Use Pomodoro Technique

Increase your productivity with Pomodoro Technique. It is a simple technique to boost your concentration and productivity. Set your timer as you require and start to work. If you are distracted write down the causes of distractions. After the pre-set time is over, take a break for 5 minutes, Give your mind complete rest. This removes your tiredness. This will make you work with renewed vigor.

  1. Write what you learn

It is a common phenomenon that we generally forget what we learn from the lecture or speech soon after we left the place. It happens as we do not take enough time to absorb what we get. It requires taking down the summary of everything you learnt. This will help you retain more. Keep http://remoandaluz.es/servicio-medico/comprar-cialis handy notes for referring back. It is really a win-win situation. So keep aside laptop, take the pen.

  1. Enhance self-awareness for better success

The success is yours when you see yourself objectively. Just keep watch on you what are you doing. If you see yourself very smart and amazing in doing everything, you will never be able to improve yourself. Be a self-critique. And see yourself from both angles, good and bad. You can boost your awareness by reflecting on what you do, and inviting truthful feedback from others. Take the clues to boost those areas.

  1. Practise rapid reading to acquire great amount of information

Reading loudly helps to retain information more effectively. Every day you may read various published print Medias or online medias like blogs, and articles etc. Learning everything is impossible. But learning with speed will allow reading bigger amount of text and it gives you more opportunity to learn more. While reading, point your finger over the lines to guide your eyes.

These skills are more important to make 10x faster than before. You will be able to retain information very easily that will turn you self confident in the long run.