5 Important Ideas for a Fit-To- Use Website

Monday, April 10, 2017 , Idea

The days are no more when website was considered as something like brochure live on the screen. It contained only the basic information. Afterward, some relevant photos were added to it. The dynamic features like animation, music etc were added to it with the help of Flash.

Now, all this seem to be a story for the new techies. The websites have now been modernized with miscellaneous destinations that are used to put across much information through simple navigation. The websites are now “Fit-to-Use” for the visitors or the users.

Now, how is it possible?

There are 5 important ideas that will make your websites easily usable.

First: Menu   

A good website always contains a user friendly menu. It is to be found just under the Header on the left sidebar on each of the pages. The menu bar must not be obscure. It includes the following:

  • About Us
  • Products
  • FAQ
  • Contact Information

Second: Contact Information

Finding no contact information or hiding the information creates a negative impact on the consumers. They find it difficult whom to contact and where. So, a “Contact” tab must be there to inform your visitors about what they wish to get and it will lead to boost sale in a large scale.

Third: Shortest Loading Time

The http://espfarmacia.com/levitra/ visitors always prefer quick loading websites. By creating such Fit-to-Use” websites that load quickly, you will surely do a great favor to the internet users. Slow loading of videos or photos lead the users to leave it quickly before it is completed. The results? You lose the customer evermore.

Fourth: Mobile Friendly

Today’s people hardly manage time to sit at their desk top or laptop. They now prefer to use Smartphones or Tabs. They intend to connect when they are on the move or on wheel. So the websites must be created to make it useable in mobile devices also. And also the pages must be fit for all the resolutions and must look as clear as desk top monitor.

Fifth: Social Media link

Your website needs to allow the users to leap easily to your social media pages and also to back in the previous positions. Never forget to show links in highly identifiable icons in each of your web pages. This Fit-to-Use” technique will make your customer happy and boost up SEO results very easily.

Building a website helps your business to see a “shine” in brief time. So be careful to make it stand out and easier for the customers to find as they need.