5 Simple And Creative Ways to Earn Money

Tuesday, April 10, 2018 , Article, Idea

Who doesn’t wish to get more money in spite of having huge resources?  To buy a fancy dress or a new gadget, to save more for vacation tour or any cool dinner day, or it might be for paying off debt or for other reasons such as increase the savings.

Here are 5 simple and creative options

Part-time mover jobs

Be a part time mover: Though this option is more suitable for guys only, girls are also found to involve in moving job.  The job is always per request and you can choose the time that matches you. A lot of moving companies allows you to create account with them asking list of services, working hours, rates. You will soon be hired for the jobs if they like. You can check the moving job list online to get some idea about your earning.

Get people driving around

Give people a lift, you can earn 30-35$ an hour. The smart phone users download the app “lyft” to get the service of taxi. The users just log in and request a drive call in major cities around. For the users the service is faster and cheaper than the cabs’ fare. You will get a call as a driver for life request. Set your own hours scheduling your other works. You will be able to earn in between 30-35$ effortlessly. What you need is to have car of your own and some opening money for paying the important things, like gas etc.

Music reviews

The music reviews are favorite for almost all the music lovers. If you are the one who want to do this job, to review the unknown or obscure artists and bands online, there are several places where you can do this job for good amount of money. You may need some more time to build up your standing, but you go on doing this, earning additional $50 monthly is very easy spending only 5-10 min per day.

Distribute leaflets

It seems to arouse no interest in this job. But you can earn a good amount of money by distributing leaflets to the potential people or at the people’s door step. What you need is to find out good companies that offers good money. You can expect the amount between $40-$50 per 1000 leaflets

Be someone’s friend

Renting friendship is completely legit service in many countries. In US also people offer their friendship against 10-15$ per hour. You can invite someone to VIP invents, wine tasting, concert, ball or in some other cool activity. That will cost you nothing but can gain a lot over time. In order to become a friend, you have to fill in an application describing about your life and career.

There are lot of other options, search online or share with others, you will get a lot more. Choose the one which best suit your personality.