5 Ways to Work Smarter, Not Harder

Saturday, February 3, 2018 , Article, Skills, Successful

Pouring out effort to achieve the desirable is important. But how and where to pour makes the difference. Working with discipline followed by planning and well organized approach, you would find effective results. We need to smarter work in a shortest possible time, rather doing hard work throughout the day.

Let’s look how can we be productive doing smarter work.

Take a short break

Taking a regular short break during your working hours increases your productivity besides making you physically fit for the work. You may be an in-house worker or office worker, walking away from your office table or desk repair your tired eyes and increases your focus on work.

Have a “block time”

People living with and around you may come in and out for having some chit-chat with you. After certain hour make it clear to all that you don’t want to be disturbed between certain specified hours, unless of course it is an emergency. Block that time with “do not disturb” guard. You may work as freelancer from home or work in an office, the rule is same in every work place. Never drain your energies doing talking or gossiping with others.

Check email or any social media later

You can check email or social media several times any time of the day. If you withdraw your focus from your work, it needs at least 15 minutes to return to your work. Shut off email notification and stick to the time when you wish to check your inbox. Do the same in case of social media also.

Make to-do-do list for top 3 priority things

If you want to do all things done in a proper way, it is important that you make a list of things on the basis of priorities, at least three things. Now do the needful that you must do to accomplish them. Limiting your priority to 3-4 makes it manageable for you.

Organize your workspace

Make it your regular endeavor to organize your workspace in desktop folders. It will save your time immensely. Uncluttered your desktop and make everything clean and tidy. Learn to use shortcut key in place of your mouse.

It is not enough to organize your online workspace alone, you need to keep your office space clean and uncluttered.

Working smarter is not just having a sharper focus. It is to know your limitation and distraction. Now develop a structure of work that is suitable for you.  Keep yourself liable and you will bring about more without sacrificing anything.