6 things that happy people never do

Wednesday, May 16, 2018 , Article, Idea, Skills

Fortunately, the people who are happy to spend times do it in different ways, such as

  • Expressing gratitude’s
  • Cultivating optimism.,
  • Practicing
  • Nurturing relationship
  • Committing to significant goals
  • Relishing the little pleasure of life etc.,

Here are some different ways that successful people never…

Mind other people’s business

Stop looking at others and forget about their business. Stop looking   at people where they are or what they belong. You are walking your path. But sometimes you feel insecurities because you are busy with comparisons and concern much more about the circumstances going on behind the scene. We aspire to listen to the sound of the world, but rarely hear the sound within.

So ignore distractions, stop comparing with others and plunge in your business. Keep close to your heart, your goals and push back others out of it.  When you are focused within, your chances of losing hope is almost zero.

Seek validation from others

When you are satisfied by yourself, without making any comparison, without challenging to impress others, everyone will start to appreciate you. More importantly, you will be respected by all. How will you let other people judge you? Will it be possible for you to do anything different, if you are not accepted?

In truth, no one has the right to compare you or judge you. People may know you, they may hear the stories of your life, but they can never feel your life which you are living. So forget them, overlook what they say. Simply focus on what you think about yourself. Keep walking the path that feels best to your feet. In your journey of life those who accept you are your friends and those don’t are your teachers.

Depend on other people and external experiences for your happiness

In reality, unhappiness lies in the gap between what we are and what we wanted to be. But the truth is that we need not much to satisfy ourselves. We already have what we need to be happy. We need no permission from others to be happy. Never let your happiness captivated by other. It is you that only can decide how to live and experience life. You will be happier when you will stop blaming others for your being and not being happy. Learn to take full responsibility of yourself. Even if things are not going right, visualize all the beauties around you.

Hold on resentment

Let today be the last day being haunted by the past resentment. What happened in the past is just the one chapter in your life story book. Simply forgetting is not enough. You must forgive also. Without forgiveness, the wound can’t be healed.

Accept what the reality, hug it and live for the possibilities that are lie ahead.