7 Proven Ways to Grow Your Brain

Monday, April 29, 2019 , Article, booming

Once it was thought that the brain ceases to develop overthe first few years of life.  And the science supported this view. But fortunately, science has found out that the brain can create new neurons and generate new neural pathway even after the attainment of maturity.

Some of the simple things that can help to grow brain cell are working out for a few minutes, doing meditation, consuming flavonoid rich diet, taking antioxidant etc.  help the brain to grow with.

Here are some ways how you can grow neurons in your brain even in your adulthood:

Sporadic fasting

The restriction of Calorie or fasting enhances synaptic plasticity, encouragesthe growth of neuron, reduces the menace of Neuro degenerative diseases, and improves the power of cognition.  The Society for Neuroscience has confirmed the findings.


Traveling exposes our brain to new things, various people and a variety of food and culture.  The exposing to new things and environment generates neurons by exposing our brains to newenvironments. The Neuropsychology   explains, that the new and challenging condition helps the brain to sprout nerve fibers. Taking a weekend road trip also can give your brain the same incentive.

Memory Training

The memory training slows down memory loss by promoting the connectivity in the brain. Memory training is done with mnemonic devices that combines images, visualization, spatial navigation and rhythm and melody.

Learn an Instrument

The neuroscientist claims that playing a musical instrument intensifies the sensory experience. The alliance of motor actions with definite sounds and visual patterns lead to the formation of new neural networks.

Use of non-dominant hand

Using of non-dominant hand to do some simple task like brushing the teeth, texting or stirring tea or coffee helps to forma neural path. The studies have shown that the non-dominant hands activities improve the emotional health. Switch hands to simple tasks to give you.

Read Fiction

Reading fiction increase the connectivity of the brain. Even the readers don’t read the books, they retain the heighten of connectivity of the neurons.

Increase vocabulary

Learning new words expands the visual and auditory process of the brain. Learn at lease a word every day to inflate your strength of vocabulary.

 Sleep well

Sleep helps retention of learnt subjects. Aim 7-8 hours of sleep every night. If you fight for sleeping, try a few measures like drinking sleep inducing tea, going to bed at the same time and making room as dark as possible.