8 Web Databases for Tracking, Collecting and Recording Data

Friday, September 21, 2018 , App, Article, Goal, Idea

There are many web apps that collect and store data. You might find them useful for recording assignment in details and other prettiest matters. Here you will find the description of some of the database that you might find useful.


Its goal is to make you forget that beneath the lustrous interface, there is a database that most of the users don’t not know much about it. It’s aesthetics both save you from stress and time. The average feature of the database is better than the great features.

Regarding the interface, the function of Blist is like other favorite basic database. Displays are filtered with a lens, to create the database for the all of us.


Wufoo is not more like database but a service that lets you to generate rather eye-catching HTML forms. It will help you to bring together the information from the visitors to your own site, without knowing any programming language to perform it.

In business and in personal life, the advantages of this database are many. It is simple to use form of design and is evident in both the circumstances.

Zoho Creator

It is essentially lets you to generate a database applications in a very simple way using a flashy AJAX interface, and also by using wizard goodness.  It accompanies the abundance of templates. So you needn’t begin from the scratch. Though there are free options, they are very limited. You can create only 5 apps on the free personal account that may go with your requirements for a long duration.


Coghead allows you to build visual applications and goes far further than the simple forms. As it might be, only a programmer can generate any new web app that comes into the mind suddenly. Coghead makes it achievable to recognize quite a wide variety of apps, particularly in case of databases for a range of intentions using only the easy control of drag and drop.

Dabble DB

It is another simple, quick and easy database app  builder, with a standing for being rapid and easy to use, and you will get a complete apps that are ready instantly. If you are searching for free service give a chance to Dabble DB.

There are lots more other like TrackVia, WyawWork, Form Assembly etc. that are served as storage.