A Few Time Management Tools That You Should Know To Gain More Time

Saturday, December 16, 2017 , Article, Skills

People are now busy with their lives.  They have to perform multiple tasks at the same time or during the same day. You only know the worth of time.  More you want to spend time fruitfully, the more you are getting worn out. It is not you alone that face the problem of time management. Look around, about 70-80% of people are the victims of the same condition. Perhaps you might break the allotted time slot to meet the deadline. Maybe you skip meal and rest.

You can manage time, instead  

At the end of the day you look completely wild to gain some more time. But, never possible. 24 hour time can’t be lengthened in any way. With time getting out of hand every day, we are surprised how time passed by so quickly without achieving anything important. Here arises the necessity of time management. You can’t increase the time, but you can manage the time.  You can manage to squeeze  out some time out of total time.

How is it possible?

There are proven time management skills that you can.

Setting of Goals

For working towards, you need to set goals: nearest and remote. The goals help you with setting clear vision to proceed. It will ensure how best you will be able to handle the time. The time you need to use and the things you need to avoid.


After setting the tasks you need to do, prioritize the one that is more important. It is very easy to do if you have clear ideas about the goals that you have already set. Do the most important thing first. Then, then, and then…

Keep a To-Do-List

The task list is a reminder list that will tell what to do and when. It helps to break the chunk of work into little pieces to be done systematically. It will never let you forget the important work to be done. In most cases, remembering everything for the day, or for the week or for the month and so on… is not possible.  Maintaining a To-Do-List is a very helpful.

Focus on a single task at a time

You think that doing many tasks at the same time will save you time. Like sipping tea, with mobile phone calling your friend and sitting at the desktop. You may think that you are saving a percentage of the time. But multitasking pull down the standard of work. So, forget it. Focus on a single task and complete all one by one following the list of priorities.

Bottom Line

Value time and also respect your ability. Never stretch out your limited time to cover loads of work. It is like 6” men under the 3” blanket, trying hard to cover him but failed.