A few useful mobile apps the senior citizens should download

Monday, April 3, 2017 , App

Most of us consider the technological territory as the place of free roaming of the young people only. We can’t think of Tech-savvy senior citizen. So it comes no surprise that there are very few apps or high tech products that target the elderly people.

However, the aged people may be slower than the young people to be adept techies, but things are no longer like before. Today there are many elderly people who can use computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones very comfortably. Few days before the aged people wish to stick to the things of the past. But now they have realized that getting a few mobile apps might be very helpful for their lifestyle. They can paint their wear and tear surrounding with bright colors of entertainment, communication and education.

Some of the apps like, bill payment, sending or receiving money, ticket booking, medical information, doctors’ appointment serve them with hassles-free solutions. They no longer feel alone now. Their demand is easily solved with the apps. Here is the list of most useful apps for you. Find those that suit your need. Download them, and open on your smart phone and enjoy the endless benefits.

So you need a right set of apps that will make your phone a real friend in need. Check a few and download them now:

Health mobile apps: There are a lot. The apps help to remind schedule medication and workouts, create list of drug, vaccine, medical devices to get notifications.

In the past, people used to note their healing plan and make use of the alarms to make sure of the date. Now apps are the simple solution to medicine problem. The health apps are very useful for the senior citizens. The blood pressure monitor apps turn your mobile phone as personal BP machine.

There is another app that helps senior citizen a lot. It is panic http://espfarmacia.com alert apps. Those who live alone can be immensely benefitted out of this. You need to set some medical contact in the apps that will receive the emergency message and will contact with you immediately. These apps are available in Android and iOS.

Communication apps: Staying in touch with your near and dear ones, especially who live out the country is a very costly matter. Now you can communicate with them free from your smart phone wherever they are. Skype is such an app that offers voice calling and video calling free of cost. Sky is available in Android and iOS .

Facebook is another way to link with the people whom you want to be connected. Recently, Facebook version has designed Easy Facebook for Seniors. It is clutter free clear version that enables the seniors to enjoy hassle free experience with easy navigation. The apps also enable them to chat or video chat. It is also available in Android and iOS .

Whatsapp is also similar app like the other two communication apps. It helps to communicate by texting or by voice calling. In addition, it can make group calling. You can send or receive video clip, pictures, voice message. So, you’ll never feel alone staying away from your children and grandchildren. You feel like always with them.

Mobile entertainment apps for the seniors

You can argue that YouTube can’t be an important app for elderly people. But this valued added app packed with multiple entertainments like movies, documentaries, news, music, countless tutorials add color to your smart phone experience. Similar to YouTube there are lots of other apps that are full with large selection of amusements

There are a lot of other apps for the senior citizens. Enjoying all this is simply impossible if you don’t have smart phone with Android and iOS Verson with you.