Do cell phone cases protect radiation?

Monday, March 18, 2019 , Article, Cellphone, Idea, iPhone

The health hazards connected with the use of the mobile phone are an issue since its first appearance. The electromagnetic radiation of the phones passthrough the antenna, createa health hazard to human health. Though, it is a controversial issue whether the cell phone radiation causes cancer or not, still people are worried about this issue. They are searching for the solution of the problem.

In a bid to find the solution of the problem, some of the manufacturers have designed cell phone cases to avert the rays. However, not every cell phone  case is capable of blocking the radiation, except those which are particularly built to carry out the purpose. Many branded cell phone cases  are sold  in the mobile stores that are worth protecting the rays.

What is cell phone radiation?

If you are really worried about the electromagnetic radiation of the cell phone and wish to buy phone case, then you need to know what is cell phone radiation.

Cell phone works by emitting radio waves through the air. Radio waves which  are the non-ionizing bears less health risk, unlike X-rays used for medical diagnosis. The new smart phones emit higher amounts of radiation as compared to the other models of the past. The more the people use  smart phones, the more they are prone to be affected by  the device.

Do people really need a cell phone case ?

Multiple researches have been done as to the harmful effect of radiation on the human health. But no research has proved it too dangerous to be protected by  the cell phone case. Till any verifiable proof is emerged, there is no reason to be worried for the cell phone case. It is not guaranteed that cell phone cases can minimize  the health hazards completely.

However,  the radiation to exposure can be minimized. Follow a few tips:

  1. Opt for a flip phone, or search for the mobile phones that release less radiation.
  1. Avoid keeping a mobile phone near the body. Rather, carry it in a pocket book, bag or a briefcase.
  1. Try to keep the phone charged in full. Because, it is hard to sustain a cellular connection in low battery level. It gives off more ray.
  1. Instead of using mobile phone always, try landline if you are at home.
  1. It is good practice to have a landline or telephone at home or office instead of making use of your mobile phone at all times.

Not all the cell phone cases block radiation except those designed especially for this purpose .Before shelling out money to buy phone cases, know more about the phone case if it is right for your phone to protect the radiation.