A few Apps that really help you to boost your focus

jueves, diciembre 6, 2018 , App, Article, Business

The apps are considered as the ultimate way to lead you to distraction. They are so attractive and entertaining that we can’t go without looking at them. While some apps are built to distract us from our daily activities, there are a few that really improve our attention and boost our focus. These increase your efficiency by dipping the stress.

Try these apps in your smart phone:

Headspace 2.0:

It is a meditation app. It has no link with religion or spiritual matter. Apart from improving your focal point of concentration and attention, it has shown the meditation as a tool to improve your different negative mental state. It improves your cognitive power to make your decisions in the right time and in the right way. It is really a gymnasium for the mind.

Panda Focus Mode

While online, there are a number of things that might distract your attention. Sometimes you forget why you are in the internet. You get distracted very easily. Panda Focus Mode app counters this situation. It points out what you need to do whenever you open the new tab. So the things you need to do remains at your center of the mind.


Noisil boosts your focus, and enhance your productivity taking you in the under the soothing sounds and music. Not only that it helps creating a a list musical selection of the favorite sound to make you surely happy. There is no doubt that it makes you happy and comfortable while listening. It creates a new environment for your mind.


Forest app is more like a game. It replicates the function of Tamigotchi. Soon after you set off the app, a simulated tree starts to grow and grow. After that a virtual forest will grow and set to flourish. While it is growing you will be encouraged to leave your gadget so that the forests grow. If you turn the app off, the virtual simulated or virtual tree will not grow anymore, it will die.


The popularity of Freedom is growing. Its working is very simple. It blocks the access of other programs. It can be used in a lot of devices.
Like these apps there are many more like Hocus Focus, Self Contro, Brain.FM, Noisil, Focus Booster etc. Go to Google play store and download these apps and try them once on your phone.