Boost your brain using your non frequent hand

sábado, mayo 11, 2019 , Article, Idea, Useful body exercises

If you think that you need a little mental pick up after being frustrated with your home and work life, try these few tips that would help a lot.

Experts found out several simple ways to boost your worn-out braindoing simple exercises like using left hand while brushing instead of your right. It can generate long term positive effects on your mind and can reinforcethe brain. Likethese simple exercises, you will be able to control your anger or rage and will be able to transform yourself positively.

With this exercise you will find you are more able to control your temper, be calmer and react to stress more positively, and even will be able to prevent the occurrence of other mental difficulties that grow up in later life, such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Use of non-dominant hand

Really, it is not at all difficult to use your hand that you really not use normally. Just begin doing daily tasks, like brushing or eating with the non-dominant hand. You can try this in a number of activities. The more you do it, the more it will bring a long-termdifference to your brain.

There are a few ideas where you can use your non dominant hand: stirring coffee or tea, opening the door, vacuuming, texting, holding pen or pencil, and pretty much things that you can do toenhance your brain.


Each moment of our life is precious and each moments matter. This is the idea that scientifically named as Neurobics. It is a mindfulness technique to bring our attention more intensely. If you don’t feel like meditation, then it is the right thing for you. Your balanced mind will automatically lead you to be more physically balanced.

Self-control and aggression

This tip can help develop the levels of self-control. Something that we can do to lock our anger or irritation in us not to react or shout at the boss. Swear at the guy who just cut across you when driving to work.

The levels of aggression are the proof of our self-control. It is found that the practice of this rule is likely to bring great results and will help men to react in less aggressive manners.

Creating possibilities

The use of non-dominant hand actually develops the certain areas of the brain positively. This helps the brain run better than before. It is amazing what a big change these small things can do.

Need mental pick up? Try this simple method. Even it just for a day, you will feel the difference.