The Awesome Apps to Enhance Workplace Creativity

lunes, abril 24, 2017 , App

With the smart phone launched for the first time, many employers could not decide if the device would be allowed or not, though it is yet not decided unanimously. Still is an important issue whether the employees can bring with them their own device. The BYDO (Bring Your Own Device) policy carries with it both advantage and disadvantage.

The truth is that though many companies allow BYDO, but it is not appropriate for each and every organization. For use of device in the workplace might hinder their activities. It may have effect on productivity.

But well thought of BYDO strategy can work wonder. The selection of apps is, of course, one of the great advantages to improve the productivity of the employees.

Here are some overwhelming apps that support your BYDO policy

The policy should include a list of productive apps to develop the skills and at the same time deriving a bit of entertainment. Ask your worker or staff members to install those apps. Here are few of them, check out them here.

Google Drive:

Google doc is a wonderful cloud storage platform, though its use was restricted to desktop device. Since the Google publish Drive App, it enables you to lay up and access the documents not only from your desktop but also from your smart phone and tablets.


Employees hardly can access to the computers at the same time as they take notes. It is very tedious to transfer the note from your phone to computer. With Evernote app, it is now no longer a problem. Another advantage of the app is that you can during texting you can use your phone voice. It reduces keyboard related risk.


It is an outstanding app for time management. You can generate comprehensive list of tasks which you require to finish. You will be able to check them easily after the completion. For the virtual subordinates and other expertizes who are to perform many responsibilities, this app is very much useful for them.


Having trouble with keeping track of the password is a great problem for the online users to have access. You seem to waste a lot of time to recover your passwords. 1Password is a great app for the Password Management service. It safely remembers and stores all your passwords and stores them safely.

Rescue Time

Rescue Time helps employees to get back worn out time. You can ask your staff members to use this app that will restrict their time of using social net working sites with their smart phone. This can be compulsory for those who come at work with their mobile device.

There are lot more that an employer can pick for their work staff to make them active, productive and procreative