The best job search strategy

martes, septiembre 25, 2018 , Article, Idea, Skills, Successful

There is hardly any experience as embarrassing and crushing as looking for a job, spending hours to make a CV and cover letters. And then only to look back to hear about the rejection. Finally, you feel like spending your hours in pushing a big stone upward hill, just to make it rolled back down at once. It is mind damaging and soul destroying.

Some people again make mistakes by applying for a small number of people and wait passively for the results. It is further worsened by the related info, such as how many competitors are there, how tough will be the competition, what is the demand of the employers etc. The difficulties go on.

Surely there are other strategies out there to figure out the best format of the cover letter.

Consider a few points in regard to writing cover letter

Those cover letters written in template form are too average to attract attention of the employers. With specific art a cover letter can be made distinguished. Once, it is learned, and the prospect of your cover letter is increased distinctly. ‘One size fit for all’ policy in writing cover letter for all jobs, generally convey the same message to all the employers about you.

It is little known that actually, there are three kinds of cover letters

Invited Cover Letter

It is written in response to an advertisement. You need to explain here the experiences and qualifications that are asked for. Explain, how your qualifications and experiences will be a suitable for the job.

Closed Cover Letter

Invisible available jobs are the ‘closed’ in the job market. These jobs are harder to locate. To apply for these types of job you need to contact with the company employers directly to inquire if there is any vacancy. It is far easier as well as cheaper to recruit internally. It is important that you should a familiar person to the company employer. These cover letters are, most of the time, sent secretly directly to the management.

Referral Cover Letter

These letters are also very rare. Here in the cover letter you need to mention the name of a person who referred you to the employer. The person would be quite known to the employer. It unexpectedly attracts the employer’s attention. Again, if the person is a man of honor to the employer, then the chances of getting noticed is even more higher than before.

Bottom Line

Remember the employment scenario. It is getting narrower with the increase of the number of competitors. All are jostling to each other to get a good job. So sending a simple application for the job will not do. Send plenty of them and also try to find out the way how you can be come under the focus of the employers.