Without Self Actualization, Life Is Like Empty

miércoles, diciembre 26, 2018 , Article, Goal

In our lives, we sometimes reach a point where we want to know about our potential, goal, dream or broad way to life direction. The fulfillment of our experience is the basis of our lives. Right from connection to our inner being and others, and to our own physiological needs in relation to around the world we are in the process of self realization.

What is Self realization?

The concept of self-actualization derives, not from mechanical behaviors, nor it rises from unconscious impulses of man, rather it is a drive to develop human understanding and wisdom to the full prospective and capabilities.

Why self realization essential for man

Most of the men are innately determined to attain self actualization. They attain it in different level of their ages. Some attain it at an early stage of their lives. But, some again find the way in later life. For most of us, we have an urge to improve ourselves throughout the life.

In reality, we are always in the process of self realization intentionally or unintentionally, because we want to develop every day. The way we pick is different for every other person. Some may prefer gaining betterment by reading different books on various subjects. Or we simply choose to see a few things out of different angles or positive perspective.

The Characteristics of Self-realization

If you are not sure how this transforms your life, you can identify them with some of the characteristics:

  • Perceiving the truth skillfully
  • The capability to accept yourself and others
  • Being grateful about life
  • The ability to generate deep and significant connections
  • Following direction from the values and inner goals
  • The ability to convey emotions clearly and freely

Of course, we don’t always reveal these characteristics every time, but when feel like we are in this state we enjoy our best selves. This is the reason passing through the phases self-actualization, helps out to live meaningfully and transforms our lives to a happier life.

Though, it seems hard to attain self realization when we go through a very rough phase of life. But there are a few things you can do to enhance your mind set. These are:

  • Never compare yourself with others
  • Understand your power and capacity
  • Start loving yourself
  • Know that there is always an opportunity that awaits you

So, the journey to self-realization is never ending. Live a life meaningfully after being aware of your potentialities and abilities.