Every Time You swig Beer, Drink Same quantity Of Water

Tuesday, January 15, 2019 , Article

In summer, it is really refreshing to drink beer. It quenches your thirst. If you belong to that group of people who is reluctant to drink enough water, you may prefer to drink beer as an alternative to water. Right?

Beer never hydrates the body

But, the real fact is that, beer doesn’t hydrate your body. Rather, it dehydrates your system. Normally, a person who weighs 60 Kg, will produce 60ml urine. But when he takes a glass of beer, he produces 120ml urine. This leads to dehydration.

Olden day beer

Back in the olden days, beer was made to drink because the water was impure and dirty. They didn’t drink water because they feared of infecting with various diseases. When alcohol was added to the water, maximum number of bacteria were killed. Beer in the past was made very mild, adding only 0.5% alcohol.

Modern day beer

While the modern beer is made with 4-7% of alcohol, the ADH or Anti-Diuretic Hormone is released. It boosts the amount of urine production. The simplified calculation is that you urinate more when you drink beer. So it is a must to drink double the amount you had taken beer.

The inner Fight

Where from does the extra water come? Your body deals with alcohol in a very calculated way. Alcohol, as a very small molecule, passes through the cell membranes very fast. The liver is very fast to deal withas it is a toxin. Alcohol stops the working of the ADH chemical and compel the kidneys to force out an additional amount of urine.

Stay Hydrate after you drink beer

A lot people generally compensate the deficiencies of water by taking much more amount of water that actually doesn’t work to compensate your body. Our body holds only a limited amount of water. If you take more than that it will expel the rest. Although drinking of water is helpful for the body, but taking extra amount will not help. But if you take beer, you need to drink more water as the alcohol percentage dehydrates your body. The only way to get out of the dry condition of the body is to take more water.

So never forget to take enough water when you drink beer, lest you will do an injustice to your body.