PressBuy is an online market where individuals and businesses?can sell or buy?almost??anything.

What makes PressBuy unique is that prices are constantly?decreasing?until they are sold or reach the minimum price you are willing to pay and you have set in advance. We want your shopping experience to be fun and easy! In case you need additional help you can find us here (support@pressbuy.com).

Enter the title of the item on the search bar at the homepage or at the top of each page and press search. You will see results matching your search on the search results page, once you have found the item, add it to the cart and proceed to checkout.

Yes, after making a purchase you will get the seller’s contact details by email and you will be able to contact him/her directly.
Also, you can Ask a Question at any time to the seller of the product you’re interested in. Simply click on the Ask question, and send your query.

During checkout you have the option of using PayPal or any other major credit card such Visa, Amex, Discovery and Master Card.

Your data will be handled confidentially and will remain encrypted with industry standard SSL (Secure-Socket-Layer) secure server software. The encrypted information of your order, -name, address, credit card or bank details- cannot be read by third parties.
Your information will be kept confidential. We do not recommend sending cash through Western Union or Money Gram. ?
Please be aware of scams!??If the seller asks you to send him/her the money in cash, follow this easy rule: Run as fast as you can!
We simply won’t accept this method of payment for the protection of our customers.

You just need to go to our Contact page and send us an email. We will answer your questions as fast as we can.

Yes, you have the option to pay using PayPal.

You would need to contact the seller directly about any address or other shipping and delivery changes. It is your responsibility to contact the seller in advance to avoid shipping delays or lost packages. In your correspondence, include your new address, as well as any special instructions you might have regarding the delivery of your product(s).

When you login to the seller’s dashboard, go to the products section and click on the product you wish to manage. On the product details page, you will see and be able to change all the product options.

To view the contents of your cart, click on the cart icon located on the upper right corner of your browser, on the cart page you can change the number of items in your cart by updating the quantity. You can also delete any item by clicking the delete icon next to the product listing.

Our system will automatically send you an email confirming that your order was successfully submitted. Please make sure that the email address you provide is correct.

At the top right section of the website, click Register and proceed to fill in all the details on the registration form, after you submit the form, your account will be created and an email will be sent to you with further instructions regarding validating and accessing your account.

Every seller is required to describe the item in as much detail as possible in the product description field when listing their product. The buyer can then view this information when looking at the product details.

Price limitations are the responsibility of the seller, we encourage each seller to consider all applicable costs (including fees and shipping rates) when listing and pricing items. We expect sellers who choose to sell products on Pressbuy.com to charge customers reasonable prices.

Yes, free shipping is an available option. When the seller uploads a product he/she can choose to offer free shipping within the US or any other places.

1.- Click “choose file”.
2.- Choose a picture from your files or take a picture of your product.
3.- Click “Upload” and wait until you see the picture – Here you can rotate the picture, remove it, or assign it as your main image.
4.- You can upload as many pictures as you want, you just need to click on “choose file” again.
5.- Once you are done you must click “Submit”.

You just need to go to paypal and create an account. You will need itif you are a seller. However, if you just want to buy a product, there’s no need to create one.

1.- Go to “Upload” and start to fill in all the information about the product.
2.-Choose the “Starting price”– the price that you want to start to sell the product – remember that is must be only numbers.
3.- Bottom price – the minimum price that you accept to sell the product – remember that is must be only numbers. Ex: Guitar – starting price 225 and t bottom price 180.
4.- Paypal email: If you don’t have an account you will have to create one, because is how the buyer will send you the money.
5.- Product location – where the product is located
6.- Quantity – number of equal items you want to sell separately.
7.- Click on “Proceed” to “upload the photos”
8.- Follow the instructions on how to upload and submit a picture.
9.- Extra specifications – you can skip this step or choose where you want your product featured at the Home page (new items, Garage Sale or favorite items), and submit.
10.- Now you will see a Final page showing how your product will be featured on Pressbuy.com. You can Accept or Modify if you want.
11.- Now, Pressbuy will ask you to sign up, so please fill in all the information at this time, so you don’t have to next time you log in. Make sure you write your email correctly.
12.-You are done! You are already registered and ready to submit your product.

1.- Go to “Log in”, and enter you email and password
2.- Now you are in your own portal. You just need to click on“Upload” and start all the process as explained in the previous FAQ.
3.-It is not necessary to enter all your personal information (paypal account and address) again.
4.- Once you’ve finished uploading the product, you will see all your uploaded productsin your dashboard.