How Smart People Deal with People They Don’t Like

Saturday, February 10, 2018 , Article, Goal

The world we live in is not a perfect world where we will all bloom in a friendly atmosphere where no is found to be upset, irritated or damaging. On the contrary, we meet some people who drive us crazy and we dislike accepting them. You might wonder whether it is possible for you to deal with those people wearing smile on face. You might wonder more if it is necessary for you to learn how to be fair with such people whom you don’t like.

A renowned professor of Management science holds that it is neither likely, nor ideal to deal with those people whom you like most. That is the reason the smart people do most out of the people whom they dislike most.

Here is how the smart people do that:

  1. They accept it sincerely that all are not like them

Sometimes we take it for granted that we are wonderful people whom nobody can deny. But the reality is different. We meet various types of people. Some are very difficult. The smart people are aware of this. They know the conflict of opinion with the other people is the results of disparity of values. Else, the people on the other side are like them.


Once you accept the idea that everyone is not like you and you are not like everyone, you will easily be able to come out of the emotion to accept the situation.

  1. The smart people neither ignore nor dismiss the people they don’t like

Sure, sometimes it is difficult to tolerate constant back-biting, or teeth gritting or lousy jokes about you or your beloved, but tolerate them with your indifferent attitude. Sometimes these people who provoke us open new perspective to us. It propels you to success. At the same time remember that you are not perfect, still people put up with you.

  1. The smart people are always civil to the people whom they don’t like

Whatever you feel for someone, that person may be highly accustomed to your outlook and activities. They might reflect your attitude back to you if you are rude to them in any way. So the responsibility is upon you to be neutral, reasonable and composed.

  1. The smart people check their own expectation

If a person you dislike makes you feel frustrated and irritated every time, fiddle with your expectation. Gradually, you will be tuned to their behavior and they will no longer disappoint you. The smart people never surprise to meet a dislikable person anytime anywhere.

If all the above strategies are failed, the smart people always give some space between themselves. Distance may repair the bitterness and it will be possible for you to interact with them easily.