How to be the master of Goal Setting Technique

Thursday, December 28, 2017 , Article, Goal

The successful people are not always smarter people. They are successful because they know it better to set goals in a judicious way. After setting goals they achieve it walking through the right track.

Setting of goals is not forgetting it after a few days or a few months. People sometimes forget what they promised. Set a goal to reach within a preset deadline.

  1. Here is a guide how to set a goal

Life is a limited existence. If we keep on following the flow of life without trying to set big goals, we will end up achieving short goal. Successful people set a bigger goal with long term achievement.  They toil hard to reach it gradually. Long term goals take us beyond the present time. It keeps us motivated.

  1. Break down the big goals in multiple smaller targets

While long-term goals give us the direction to reach the point of focus, the short term goals give us impetus or energy to pass the milestone one by one to reach the target. Short term goals give you immediate wins and let you enjoy many successes. These successes will energize you to reach the big goal.

  1. Check if the goals are smart

The setting up of smarter framework for both long and short goals helps to achieve it more successfully. The smarter goal means, it should be:

  • You should have a clear idea of what you want to achieve.
  • You must decide how much or how many you intend to


  • Your goal is to get to the goal. The goal must match with your ability as well as resources.
  • The goal should relevant. It should go on with the other aspect of your life.
  • Set a dead line to reach the goal.
  1. Recalculate your Goals after a period of time


Success is not static but dynamic progression. It requires regular recalculations and readjustments. Reassess you goal after 1-2 years to see if it is going on in the right path to reach your set up goals. If necessary make some adjustments. Always maintain sharp focus on the goal and never give up till you reach the goal.


So dream a goal to reach it with success. Never dream in sleep, dream in such way that it never let you to sleep.