How to Clean Up Your Social Media Presence

Thursday, September 6, 2018 , Article, Cellphone, Device, Idea, iPhone, Network

The embarrassing posts in a social media accounts might damage your career. It brings negative results of you on the people around you. You need to reduce negative searches and construct a positive presence. If you are worried about all these heinous  conditions of your presence in social media, there is a way to make some changes. You can do it yourself.

Here is how you can proceed to clean up your social media presence. Follow step by step.

Make a search on the internet about yourself:

Searching out the information on the internet with Google is the quick help to know what your personal social media account/s are shown. The searches will reveal the photographs or anything that looks strange. You will be able to know what your accounts are showing up and how much you are available to others.

Make the social media accounts private

Check the settings of your personal accounts and make it private. You can customize it depending on the purpose of your accounts.


Keep everything private, except your default picture and the name. For the friends, you can ask for approval if somebody tags your photographs or posts.


Keep on the same process here also by turning your account private. Pursue your promotional feed and identify dubious posts. Then remove the content temporarily. You can use the Archive feature of the Instagram to recover the post.


You need to be aware about sharing anything here. You need understand whether you are going to share  any polarizing or controversial tweets. If, this is the fact, then be careful about your post. Check the previous posts, and delete all the tweets that any person or organization may find open to discussion.


This is the way that you should take in to present yourself clean to your friends and particularly to your future employers. If your employers check your social media account, the chances are very prominent that you might be rejected for the post.

So you need to know how to clean your social media presence. Don’t ignore the idea that you need to delete the obscene posts prior to sending your  resume to the prospective employers.