How to get your apps noticed in thousands Android apps

Wednesday, October 25, 2017 , App

The selling of apps and selling of other products are not same.
The developers are creating thousands of apps, but all are not noticed equally. Getting a great success in Android app development, it is very important to know at the beginning about people’s demand.  As a developer, you definitely do not aim at selling a few apps. Definitely you will find yourself in a win win situation when you see that your apps have got a wild success. Like bestselling books your apps should be sold like hot cake.

A recent study opens a very gloomy picture of apps selling. The sources said that about 60%of the apps fails, without making money. However, you should aim at 40% of the successful apps. Never, never and never leave that success on your luck. Take a strategic action backed by your market survey. Search the subjects or situations or emergencies or any other issues like health, hygiene, etc.  that are not providing  better or greater apps services.

Here are some of the ways to get your apps noticed

Build a useful and significant app

Though very hard, try to avoid your apps being crappy enough to sell in the market.   So before you set off, be sure that you are going to develop great apps. This may include, the app should be:

  • Totally new
  • Re-imagined over the common type
  • Absolutely useful
  • Bearing a great icon

Get great reviews

The users are always in dilemma if they will venture into spending dollar in buying the apps. So they depend on reviews which can be either a killer or a healer. The apps prolonged existence depends on the users’ experiences.  A single malicious review can spoil the “dinner.” Be aware!

What may, you must get great reviews. But, simply  good reviews are not enough. Send promo code to your friends and relatives or your acquaintances to award you with great reviews or rate your product a little bit higher.   Do what you can for getting 4+ reviews as well as great comments. Remember, the next phase of your Android apps marketing depends upon the number of Android users.

Keep your app simple

Your app should be so user friendly that it can be learned in a very short time. If your app is about a game, one should never face trouble to learn or play the game. If not be played at the beginning, it must, at least be able to be played or understood by the gamers. But we have a very little attention span. So a little tutorial should help learning the apps mechanism.

Finally, the impressive graphics help selling your Android apps. If your impressive apps only get noticed by someone’s glance, it will make the decision. You can create You Tube video to add your app and tie your app to one or two popular social networking site.

Your app will hit success, if and only if it can give the users great experiences of what they wish to get.