How to Say No When Your Default Is Yes

Saturday, May 5, 2018 , Article, Idea

Half the trouble of our life comes for saying “YES” too soon and not saying “No” too early.

Sometimes it happens that saying “No” has brought a big trouble, only because of the fact that they say “Yes” quickly. It is true that saying no suggests letting other people down. We utter Yes most of the time as we are actually excited in regard to what we visualize about the matter. But after the initial excitement is over, the reasoning gets its head high that say that, it was not true.

But we need to say No in different situations and so we need to learn how to say No. Let’s know some of the effective ways.

  • Instead of saying Yes, pray for time to check your schedule of that day if you will be able to keep the promise or appointment.  While you are checking your schedule, also ask yourself why should to say Yes to the person. You may land up saying Yes, despite of the fact that you will learn how to say Yes.
  • The tentative Yes shows your excitement. But you need to check your program. After checking your schedule if you find that it is not possible for you keep the appointment. So in excitement you are going to drop something intentionally or sometimes unintentionally. Be rational before you commit anything.
  • Find out the distinction involves in a problem and your problem that needs to be solved. Again if the problem is not a problem, it can be thought of in term of project and a project of yours that is be committed.

Simple is always beautiful. Instead of doing something only “because you can” start thinking like as “if necessary.”

Saying No in different places and, Why?

In business you have say No when something is not

  1. Enjoyable
  2. Profitable
  3. Possible

As website designer you have to say no almost to all except a few features related to software, websites, product etc.

As a person you might have to say No to anything that you don’t know

Before you commit, look at the schedule even if a good opportunity comes to you. Like all, you have also have margin of life. Over commitment simply doesn’t add to the long haul.