How to stop receiving offensive criticism

Wednesday, February 27, 2019 , Article, Idea

You must be awful at taking criticism. Whether it comes from other people or from yourself, you need to take productive criticism  face-to-face. You need to learn, how to deal with the offensive criticism without feeling disappointed.

All men have their own deficiencies. No man is good at everything. But,  there is room for everybody to improve. No matter what you are doing, the best way to improve yourself is to accept constructive criticism from the skilled and experts who know how you are lacking. The key point is to separate constructive criticism from the unconstructive one.

How to deal with criticism

Criticism from others is very painful, especially if the person delivering criticism is not actually knowledgeable person. The first thing you need to decide if the person criticizing you is at all important to you or not. Do you value their ‘say’? It happens that the person criticizing you, may be your boss. Here it is very important that you need to their judgement seriously, as they are experts in your field.

On the other hand, the person who is criticizing you,  may be an expert and can offer you something valuable. You may wish to take a pinch of advice from their offensive words.  When you consider how important the person is, you can use their criticism  to your advantage.

Here are the ways:

  • Isolate the criticism from the related surroundings. Come out of the situation and try to look at yourself other person in the same situation. Look what is being said to you and try to answer every word said against you.
  • Taking the whole criticism, inquire about yourself, which part of the criticism is useful for you. Filter out the things which are actionable and which are repeatable. It is important to remember that haters always hate, but sometimes their hating need to be considered as worth to rectify ourselves.
  • Once you have actionable tips from your critic, turn this into a goal and keep going on. If someone describes your handwriting as illegible set a writing session everyday.

Attitude is everything. Push yourself to be positive to the criticisms you get, else you will be depressed. Take criticism as a way to strengthen you weakness. Dealing with criticism is really difficult, but it is your choice how to deal with it.