How we have been learning wrong

Wednesday, February 20, 2019 , Article, Idea

Learning is not just amassing information in the brain container. The deeper meaning of learning is to know something by heart and consume the content to ruminate as much as when needed. If you simply learn by heart to feed your knowledge, then it is an excuse to avoid putting effort. You will be guilty of memorizing lessons simply for any particular purpose and can’t recall when necessary. In school life, this is not a problem at all. Rather, it is beneficial for learning. There are plenty of things that we can remember being taught, but can’t recollect them.

Attending of lessons never equals learning

Simply attending the class or reading any topic by heart doesn’t mean true approach of learning. Truly consuming the content and then ability to ruminate isconsidered as the “knowledge”. If you consider like you are not really learning anything, it can be a huge squander of mind-numbing time that has been misused.

Knowledge is 30% using up of the learnt things and 70% creation

Knowledge doesn’t equal to 100% of our learning. You are not an expert even if you read about something all day. It takes time between reading andapplication. Consumption of knowledge is same as the consumptionof healthy foods on a latest diet chart. Eating raw veggies and lean protein full day will not transform your health instantly. But doing the diet regimen as part of your life will give you results in the long run.

When you learn about something, you are not taking it and allowing it to take the shape of your mind. In course of learning, the true understanding is led the motor skills. The memory leads to truly understanding of the concepts and take hold of the facts. That’s when knowledge becomes genuine and powerful.

Failing is the opening to Learning

It’s never disgracing to be unsuccessful at something. Though, in certain scenarios, it can be awkward and hurtful. Every break down comes with a lesson. The using of those lessons in your next attempt, will help you to learn getting something.

Never use the process of learning as a process of procrastination. Simply sitting in a chair and listening to something in order to gain knowledge is just cheating yourself. You need to be more active to make searches and researches. The true implementation of the things you learn is to use it in your everyday life.