iPhone 7: A break away from using Head set

Friday, November 24, 2017 , Business, iPhone

That there won’t be any head set in iPhone 7, it was an official announcement.  If you wish for playing music on iPhone 7, either you have to make use of wireless Bluetooth Headphones or plug up latest Lightning base headphones or an adapter into the charging port device.

The downside of the feature

The downsides of the feature are apparent.  Almost everyone with Headphones, Speakers, and other Gadgets based on the 3.5 mm headphone jack could find this device unusable.  Or force anyone to carry an additional adapter.

Without headset the phone gets thinner

But the downside of the phone is not much entertained by Apple.  Doesn’t care. The channel of the headphone jack is Apple’s persistent pursuit to create the iPhone and the entire product thinner, less complicated, and more dependable. They assured that, however, you might dislike buying new headphones; it is a brand to be loved.  The sleeker impression of the iPhone 7 is so attractive that you will be ready to pay bucks for one anyway.

The history of disruptive changes in case of Apple is nothing new. It has occurred over and over again in their various products for last 20 years. This rapid change and inclusion of new features has brought for the company name and fame, and ultimately success. These are the important factors for the company’s success. They’re betting they can pull the same trick one more time.

Three options to connect the headphones to your iPhones

  1. You can buy a Lightning-to-headphone-jack adapter offered by Apple. It lets you plug the head phone, or any other audio device that uses headphone, can be used.
  2. You can use Wireless Headphones, Bluetooth standard base supported by all latest iPhones.  So the products previously in the market compatible with iPhone 7.
  3. You can use headphones of wired based on the Lightning standard. Apple bundles a pair of these with their iPhone 7. In addition, there are a few other options on the market already.

Right now, the buying for all the three of these options is quite rare, as most people are still buying old-fashioned analog headphones. But that’s going to change rather quickly.