iPhone 8: Everything you wish to know

Tuesday, July 31, 2018 , Article, iPhone

Apple seems to let pass no opportunity to embezzle as much limelight as possible for them to stand out in the tech world.  The event of launching iPhone 7 is still fresh in people’s mind, yet the rumors about the release date of iPhone 8  have come into quick forceful contact with the tech world.  In respects of features, specs and cost, it is different from iPhone 7. This new  iPhone version is going to skip all the features of its predecessors.

Apple has decided to celebrate their 10th anniversary in 2017 by launching iPhone 8, and its new ranges like iPhone 8 plus together with the premium iPhone model. The new iPhone is exclusively redesigned with an edge to edge organic light-emitting diode  display (OLED), an incorporated Touch ID sensor for fingerprint with a front-facing camera.

Though the official announcement is yet to publish, it is rumored that the price would be around 80,000. The Apple workforce is now toiling day in day out to make iPhone 8 one of the best in its lineage.

Some of  the new features that will make the phone a unique of its kind are:


It is a heresy that the phone will have a glass body used in the iPhone 4 and is planning. Though the glass made body might make the phone rather heavy, but the lighter display compromises the weight.


In their bid to make the new iPhone more stylish than the previous, it is expected to have a unique OLED panel, which stands for the ideal contrast ratio. Because of its thin structure and flexibility,  it doesn’t need any backlight. As it will consume less power, it will be one of the energy efficient iPhone.


The camera will be the same as iPhone 7 Plus. Only the Optical Image Stabilization will be added to the specis. The Wide-angle and Telephoto lenses will be added to it. Till now only the wide angle lens had been used.

 Wireless Charging:

It is speculated that Apple might give its users a new wireless charging technology. After removing the headphone jack in iPhone 7 and 7 plus, it is predicted that Apple may present to the  users with a long range of  wireless charging technology.  With A11 chip based on 10nm built-up technology, the phone will get an enhanced performance and extended battery life.

True Color iPad Pro screen

Apple is going to bring the latest technology of  true Color iPad Pro Screen to this new innovation. The 4-channel ambient light sensor perfunctorily acclimatize the color and display.

The tech world is waiting another boom to add to iPhone.