New app that improves the life of Dementia people

Wednesday, July 25, 2018 , App, Article, Idea, iPhone, Medical

The definition of quality life differs from person to person. To many, enjoying the nature’s beauty is like living quality of life. On the other hand, some may say the quality of life is nothing but, sharing of a holiday celebration with family, music magic performance, solving the Crossword riddle. Every person posses their individual differences. The disorder never removes the capability to be pleased about, react to and experience the outlook, like, fear, anger, joy, and adoration or depression.

As you age and body gets feeble and then the both mental and physical strength is almost lost. Gradually, it declines. The brain starts to fade. If anybody is diagnosed with Dementia, it is nothing surprising. For some people, maintaining through these deficiencies is the quality of life. This mental deterioration does not remove your ability to appreciate, respond to and experience feelings such as anger, fear, joy, love or sadness, but reprogram of your brain is necessary to keep it happy.

An App to improve the environment

The researchers have been striving for developing an app to help out the dementia people living in the situation of workplace, home and public places.   The app can digitally evaluate how appropriate a home, care facility or other environment may be for older people and those living with dementia and recommend changes that can be made to the building.

Influence the quality of life

With progression of the disease, the Dementia patients lose almost all the abilities that are necessary for leading a quality life. Though some think that the quality of life can be maintained if the right care is taken. In reality the patients never lose the capacity to respond or experience the feeling of emotions like joy, happiness, fear or sadness etc.

Depending upon your mild to moderate or severe, you can say what gives you joy and what saddens you. It is plausible that you may change to adapt the abilities. The dementia patient should never sacrifice completely their choices and go under their control. So the patients should talk with the caregiver about their choices and wishes.

For the family members

The patient’s family member should never try to impose his/her conception of the quality of life of the person. Over time the abilities and interests will change with the progress of the diseases. Recognizing, the abilities and the interest of lifelong skills help to maintain quality of life.

For health care giver

The health care professionals should understand the issues with the patients. Else they will not be able to find out the most preferred strategies. Lack of education and preferred care giving strategies, the Dementia patients get deteriorated. The professionals should try to find the care strategies that will surely enhance their life.

Bottom line:

The care giver’s quality of life with Dementia must be a vital focus.  It is very important that those giving care react to the need of that wish, needs and values of that person.  The final purpose of care giving must be to offer a feeling of contending states of mind of that person.

With 50 million people suffering from dementia worldwide, there is an immediate need to put in for our aging population.