Signs of Low Self-Esteem that you might not know

Tuesday, January 22, 2019 , Article, Idea

The low self-esteemed people are often found to be hard in respect of themselves. They cannot even accept compliments as they take it other in another way.

Some of the common symptoms of Low Self-Esteem are

  • Unable to trust your own opinion
  • Always prone to overthinking
  • Often filled with great concern to take challenges, being anxious you might not able to overcome them.
  • You very much hard to yourself,  but empathetic to others.
  • You suffer from frequent worry and emotional turmoil.

Some lesser known symptoms of Low self esteem

They are a workaholic

In workplace things are more clear-cut and expectations are clearly set. Compared to relationships in various aspects of life, the workplace environment is safe for them as need very little interaction with other. This is the reasons why the low self esteemed people swing their focus to work and put in all the energies there.

They are either overachiever or underachiever

The low self-esteempeople are found to be under-achievers as they’re not so  confident to take new challenges. While, in the other extreme. Some of them are  so anxious  that they never want to be rejected and so they try their level best to be exceptional to establish their worth.

Why people suffer from Low self esteem

Most of the time the source of low self-esteem is embedded in childhood when you suffered a few negative experiences.

  • Memory of several punishments in childhood days
  • Frequent neglected behavior
  • Chronic mistreatment
  • Harsh parenting
  • Being bullied
  • Beingthe receiver of the end of stress or despair
  • Lack of praise for your worth, affection and fondness

How low self esteemed affects your life

Low self esteemed affects your life in many ways

  • It makes you confuse.
  • It makes you think that you are in the lower hand in relation.
  • It makes your employer think that you are not qualified enough.
  • It can take you to depression

Is there any way to overcome the low self esteem?

As we have understood that low self esteem is deep rooted and it leads to several consequences. It is not so easy to solve the problem. But, it is not impossible either. Ignore the positive advices coming from other people. The positive phrases thrown to by the people around will never enhance you. You will not be able to get out of depression, rather the remarks will worsen the situation. Instead, they feel guilty of their behavior.

In order to enhance self-esteem, you need to focus elsewhere. When you need to enhance your self-esteem, try to improve it slowly like pursuinga goal. Focus on your activity and it will give you confident, it in turn boost your self esteem.