The cool apps that consume your smartphone battery higher

Tuesday, March 26, 2019 , App, Article, iPhone

The smartphones are now a mini computer carried by almost every person. We perform a number of tasks with these phones, such as, texting, playing games, internet surfing, shooting videos, and using of social media sites in most of the time. It needs enough battery power to perform these tasks. Running out the battery while doing something very important, is very disgusting.

Check out the apps that drain your smart phone battery so that you can be cautious about the battery power.

Social Media Apps

Addiction to social media sites, especially to Facebook is nothing new since the Android phones have become an easy reach to the large number of people. Though the social media sites are very easy platform to find and meet friends, using these apps take away your battery life down to 10%. So, don’t stay on Facebook etc, all day long to reduce the consumption of the battery.


When you are waiting somewhere for some reasons, or you have nothing to do, surely you head out for games to kill time. Despite moving up the score board or beating your friends online, these gaming apps exert maximum use of battery life. If you are prone to gaming, then get a gaming laptop. This would minimize the gaming activity on the phone.

Bright screen

It is true, the brightness of the screen helps you to enjoy movies pleasantly, but it kills your battery life. Unless, absolutely necessary, keep the brightness lower to save battery.

Enabling Bluetooth

Disable the Bluetooth accessories and gadgets when not in use. Though it isnot the most awful battery drainer, but it is a mere misuseof your battery to enable your Bluetooth when you are not using it.

Enabling Location Services

GPS and Google Maps help us to find out the location we are searching for. But if these apps enabled all the time, they drain the battery. You might not have enough battery charge till you reach the destination. Thankfully the Google maps allow off line use of the maps, and it helps to conserve the battery.

Besides, there are few more apps like Spotify, Snapchat,Netflexthat consume your battery voraciously, like a child sucks the juice box. For the sake of you, enjoy these apps on Laptop, or TV, not on your phone.