Ways to protect online accounts with a password manager

Thursday, August 30, 2018 , Article, Business, Device, Network, onlinestore, Skills

Those days are no more when you could securely use a six worded password for everything. Presently, most of the online accounts induce you to generate an alfa-numerical password, making it more or less impossible to create and memorize it.  This is where the password managers become useful. They will not only create a strong password, but also remember it for you and enable you to log in easily. Only you are to remember a master password to support it.

So here are the super password managers out there:


LastPass is the chief of the group.  It is the most accepted one. It work fast on your desktop or phone.  As a password generator LastPass can create secured  passwords instantaneously. It can review password automatically and can store and will aware you of any duplicity. It will even alert you when you need to change your old password. Though for synchronization your passwords between your phone and desktop, you need to use the pay-for edition for $1 for 30 days.

Zoho Vault

If you are concerned regarding the security infringement, and intend to sync passwords throughout the devices for free, then Zoho Vault should be your first preference. Zoho has been introduced by Zoho Office apps. In addition, you can connect documents and files to enable double way authentication.  You can store unlimited passwords, unlike other services.

KeePass X

What KeePass offers better transparency compared to other marketable services. You will be ensured that there is not any backdoor installation. This is done by KeePassX fully disclosing its source code so that other researchers can review it. However,  it is not user friendly compared to other commercial option. The users will have to go extra miles to upload the encrypted passwords and also in case of other services.


It is more like Lastpass. It generates, saves and auto fill the passwords and is operable throughout the desktop and smartphones. Furthermore, Dashlane offers a Digital Wallet facet that can save your valuable information such as bank account for the purpose of shopping.  The Digital Wallets also allows the users to obtain and store the amount for their buys also.

In this age of cyber terrorism, never keep open your devices, to be destroyed or breached by the hackers. Use any of the password manager and keep your devices safe from the Black Eyes of the password crackers.