What Defines Verbal Abuse at Work?

Monday, April 8, 2019 , Article

The workplace bullying is no more a matter of discussion as it has become very commonoccurrence now. In a recent survey, it is found that about 65% of the Americans are the victims of bullying.

What is verbal abuse?

Verbal abuse is one of the workplace bullying. It intends to sabotage people at work to prevent them from doing what they need to do in office. Verbally, it is the use of intimidating and humiliating language in a very tricky manner. It may not be yelling, crying, cursing, mocking or insulting the victims. This abuse may or may not involve sexual harassment.

How do you know that you are being verbally abused?

Different people got different levels of acceptance for teasing, or jokes. One person may be okay with one joke, but another might react so haughtily. While one fears coming to the office the next day, and the other can quit the situation very soon.  It is the difference of blowing off the situations. This is the reason why it is not very easy to pin down the abusive behavior.

You may call it verbal abuse if it regularly affects your attitude and performance in office.

Why Do People are Abused in the Workplace?

An abuser is rarely found alone, rather as a circle of friends  who may act  him or her to serve as witness to the abuse. These people in the circle often giggle and attempt to make the abused person experience like the verbal abuse. It  was all a joke that the victim shouldn’t be so susceptible about. But sometimes abusers intend to find the victims alone hiding any proof of the abuse.

Why is it significant to understand workplace abuse?

Even if it is not happening to you, you must understand what is workplace abuse. Know it yourself, how to handle with the situation so that you can save people who could be in such situation. One of the problem is that, there is no law to curb bullying. But, it doesn’t mean that you have to suffer the situation without any protest. You must know beforehand, what to do if you involve in the situation.

Bottom line

The main thing you need to understand is that the bullying or verbal abuse that you are going through is not your fault. What is happening to you is not normal.