What to Do When You Work for a Micromanaging Boss

Saturday, May 12, 2018 , Article, Idea, Successful

Working under a micromanaging boss sometimes proves to be nightmare. It is not always pleasant to feel the breathing of your boss right on the neck. From the moment you enter into office you will feel that you are under the control of your boss. It is very distressing to be under the micromanaging boss.

But you must change the situation; else you will be under the demoralizing situations that inhibit your progress. You’ll lose all your creativity and will try to do the things in different ways.  As your every step is monitored, you can’t grow resourcefully.  To be always under the thumb of your boss is really very embarrassing and exhausting.

But you must do something to change it and help yourself to work efficiently   in your workplace.

Here is how you can enjoy enough space even if you are under the Leadership style of boss

 Predict your boss’s moves

After some days you will be able to know beforehand the time when your boss will be at your side. Prepare some tasks before he comes to you. Always send your work update to the boss before the boss comes to you.

Try to make sweet-talk with the boss

Even though it is difficult to put up with the behavior of the boss, try to imagine what they feel about the daily work pressure that they have to deal with. Try to show them that you are completely in knowledge of what is going on and you are always very much eager to do everything to make the jobs easier.

Prove yourself reliable to them

The micromanaging bosses always think that they are organized in their work and very meticulous in every work. It will be much more productive to exhibit them your sense of organization and the ability to paying attention to details. Ask for any task and commit to your boss that you will be able to handle the work alone. If you can do the work successfully then the boss will understand that you don’t need constant supervisions.

The micromanaging bosses may be very much troublesome for you, but follow some tricks and techniques that will address the problems very efficiently. In spite of changing the situation, if the rapport doesn’t get better, and you feel unmotivated, you may consider changing of the workplace.